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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your hourly rate?

Rates vary depending on Date, Location and Length of Service.
Peak season: April to September.
Off Season: October to March Save up to 35% off

Do we pay travel time for the limousine to come from out of town?

Yes, all limousine companies charge travel time for drivers and fuel, limousine companies are required to pay their drivers from the time they leave the base to the time they arrive back at the base. Travel Time applies outside of the Port Alberni area.

Should I Tip the driver, and if so, how much?

Yes, your driver is working in the service industry just like a waiter or bartender, but assumes a much more responsible role. The standard tip is 15% of the total fare. If you feel your driver has performed in an exceeding manner, you can tip more. Some companies will AUTOMATICALLY add the gratuity (tip) to your total; we give you the option to have it added to the invoice or you may Tip the driver at the end of the service. When inquiring about prices, always ask if GRATUITY is included in the total price.

What areas do you cover?

We service all of Vancouver Island

How many passengers can we have in the Limousine?

We can transport a maximum of 12 passengers at one time in the limousine.

How soon should I book my Limousine?

We suggest you book your limousine as soon as possible to ensure the availability of the Limousine. However, we will certainly attempt to meet your requirements, even at the last minute.

Do we pay while the limo is waiting and/or can I split up my hours?

Yes and No, Yes you still pay for the rental time during your wedding or event even if you aren’t physically using the vehicle. Although the vehicle is not in use, it cannot be used elsewhere. Yes you can split up your hours, but minimum hours and travel time may apply to return to your location.

Can we rent a limo for 1 hour?

Yes and No. 1 hr. service maybe available depending on location and Season. Limousines are costly business assets; it is not cost effective for limousine services to offer their service for less than one 1 hour. Typically a 1 hour rental would consume more than 2 hours considering vehicle preparation. Just as you cannot rent a hotel room for 1 hour; limo services are similar. Most companies require a minimum 4-8 hours for booking to rent a limousine during prom, grad and wedding season.

Why is there a minimum 4 hour reservation requirement for Saturday 9am – 5pm?

During peak season most weddings occur on Saturdays and the limousine likely can only service one wedding event per day. Due to the limited number of limousines available and a higher number of weddings on Saturdays this is a standard requirement.

Should I get a contract?

Having a contract with your chosen limo company is a wise decision which will help avert any problems in the future should your hired service not perform to your expectations and to avoid any miscommunication on vehicles. Sadly, many firms do not put their services in writing- you should require it.

What is the condition of your vehicle and are they all the same as other limousines?

The condition of our vehicle is clean, smoke free and is the newest Custom made 2011 SUV Limousine on Vancouver Island. Not all limousine are built the same, most limousines are custom made and are unique. We suggest viewing the current interior and exterior photos to determine what style limousine you are reserving.

Are you comparable in price to a Taxi?

Yes and No... Yes, a limousine is comparable in price, a Taxi can seat 3-4, if you require 5-12 passengers this will take up to 2-4 taxis. Our SUV Limousines can seat 12 passengers very comfortably cutting the number of vehicles and drivers required for transportation. No, we are not comparable to a taxi if you require less than 1 Hour of service as we require a minimum 1-2hr reservation depending on the Season and Date.

How old do I have to be to rent a limousine?

Anyone under the age of 19, we require reservations to be made by a parent or guardian. We require a Major Credit card and signed agreement of responsibility authorizing Vancouver Island Limousine to hold the card holder responsible for additional hours, restrictions and/or damages similar to a hotel room.

If you don't have a vehicle that I'm looking for, can you still help me find one?

Absolutely! We have close relationships with the Top Limousine and Shuttle Service providers on Vancouver Island. We will be glad to help you find any vehicle for your transportation requirements!

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